Seshen - Wiccan, Pagan, Texan (seshen) wrote in lycian_wicca,
Seshen - Wiccan, Pagan, Texan

November Eve or the "Feast for the Dead"

Wheel Mythology: At Libra, and now in the Underworld, the old King is judged for all his past deeds. His heart is weighed against that of a feather.

Sabbat: This is the feast enjoyed in honor of our beloved dead. We celebrate in the company of the souls of our family and friends that have passed over to the "Land of the Ancestors."

The standard ritual drama entails toasts and storytelling to our loved ones that have crossed over, and we raise a cup and invite them to the celebration. The party itself is considered part of the Sabbat rite. After guests have left, the circle is closed privately by Lycian 3rd Degrees.
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