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Lycian Wicca, a shamanic witchcraft Tradition

The Way of the Wolf

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This community journal was established to provide a documented record of the evolution of our Tradition, and as a teaching tool both for Lycian practitioners and those interested in learning more for their personal information. It will contain core basics, teachings, questions and other material relevant to the Tradition.

Though the community is currently closed to general membership, it is very much open to non-community member participation. You are welcome to post questions and responses to our entries. Our intent is to encourage challenge, critique and objective commentary about our Tradition. In this manner, Lycian Wicca can continue to grow as a viable, living religion.

seshen and boniface are the only authorized members at this time; this might change down the road.

History of the Lycian Tradition of Wicca

Lycian Wicca, also known as Lycian Witchcraft or the Lycian Craft, was formally established in 1985. The heart and soul of Lycian Wicca come from the inner initiations of Boniface, instigator of the Tradition. The teachings were later verified by him to be historically connected to the Wolf Clans of Europe. He spent the next 4 years writing down the inner teachings in ritual format. The 3 initiatory Degrees are based upon his direct experiences.

The main influences in the technical structuring of the Tradition are the pagan witchcraft practices of Europe, early Wicca and Freemasonry, and their historical interconnections. It is not of Gardnerian lineage. Shamanic technique and experience play a key role in many aspects of our teachings.

The Deities of the Lycian Tradition are the Lamed God & the Dark Mother.

A more complete overview of the Tradition, Sabbats, symbolism and other information can be found here. The web site noted in the community profile, The Lycian Sanctuary, is the official site of the Tradition and contains an extensive range of material.

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