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Seshen - Wiccan, Pagan, Texan

group dynamics in the Lycian Tradition

Posted this on our lycianwicca Yahoo group, and just thought I'd share here for interest.

"A friend has given me an interesting idea for discussion, that of group dynamics. I would like to briefly take a look at this through the eyes of a wolfish Tradition. Input is encouraged.

Let’s look at a wolf pack. They are very much a family unit; loyal, united, creating bonds that can last for a lifetime. They play hard, work hard, and know each other’s personalities well. They live life for the moment, and react accordingly. Disagreements can be met with a brief snarl & raised hackles, right down to a fur-flying battle. And when the dust settles, they shake it off and trot off to play, side by side. When they go on the hunt, there is a common goal, and the wolves work in harmony together to accomplish that goal.

Seeking knowledge is a continual hunt, and it can’t be accomplished by loping. Each individual wolf complements the others, depending on strengths and bringing up the weak ends. Without this interplay and cooperation, the goal is not accomplished. It is not enough to know the basics of the hunt; one must know how and why it works the way it does. This is accomplished, in the Lycian Tradition, through the Socratic Q&A. Of necessity, it can get very intense.

That is a very basic analogy; input on a deeper level is encouraged."
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